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Rafting the Futaleufu and finishing the Carretera austral

After the long, bouncy, dusty, but incredibly beautiful Carretera Austral we were ready to kick back and relax for a bit doing some water related things.  What better way to start doing that than a lodge with hot springs on the sea?  Puyuhuapi Lodge is accessible only by boat and surrounded by rivers, waterfalls, fjords, […]

Climbing Guillaumet via Guillatina

You can really only trust the weather forecast 3-4 days in advance in Patagonia. We spent much time staring longingly at various sites such as NOAA, YR, Mountain Forecast, meteoblue, and Wind Guru.  Whichever one gave us the most promising forecast was our favorite but YR and Meteoblue were what we referred to most often. […]

El Calafate and its Environs

After climbing Medialuna we returned to Calafate so I wouldn’t go insane trying to work remote using the internet in Chalten. By this time, Andy and I are getting to be Calafate experts.We know the cool beer haunts, we have favorite empanada joints, we know where all the bad potholes are lurking and trying to […]

Hiking in the Torre Valley – AKA carrying all of our gear around and not climbing anything.

Taking our climbing gear for a long walk.  While we have been down in Chalten there have been some small windows of good weather or “ventanas” but not enough to thaw the ice and allow enough time to get on bigger rock objectives.  Though primed and ready to get after the climbs of dreams we […]

Climbing in El Chalten – Rubio y Azul on Cerro Media Luna

With a weather window on the horizon Kelsey and I set our sights on El Chalten and the perfect granite spires that we have dreamed about since climbing here 5 years ago.  After a month of travel, staying at beautiful hotels, and being wined and dined it was time to use the stores of fat […]

Exploring Puerto Natales

After dropping Ford and Casey off at the airport Andy and I hightailed it for Puerto Natales. Puerto Natales is a city located on the Last Hope Sound. It’s the closest town to Torres del Paine so it’s filled with backpackers, pizza restaurants, and microbreweries. I really like Puerto Natales! Torres del Paine is the […]

To the End of the World: Ushuaia

Al fin del mundo!   Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world, located at the tip of South America in Argentina. Puerto Williams in Chile is technically farther south but Argentina likes to point out that it’s more of a town than a city so therefore it doesn’t count. It wasn’t in our original […]