Headed Back South


Andy and I are headed back to South America! And the blog is coming with us!

We fly to Patagonia on January 12 and we don’t have much planned beyond that until we return to the states on April 25. I’ll be working remote for Wildland. Andy will be doing what Andy does. We’ll have a sweet 4Runner to motor around in. We plan to explore, climb all sorts of rocks, drink good wine, and eat far too many empanadas.

Since I last wrote on this blog (August of 2013- yikes) there have been a lot of changes in our lives. We returned to the US and Andy resumed work at Edgeworks. I was gainfully funemployed for too long thanks to the good graces of Andy before starting work at REI, first on the floor and then as an outdoor school instructor. In 2014 I interviewed for and landed a job as the Asia Program Director for Wildland Adventures, an adventure travel company. I spent a whirlwind 2 years building our SE Asia trips from the ground up, learning the ropes of client interaction, and traveling to India, Sri Lanka, and much of SE Asia on familiarization trips. In 2016 the South America PD moved on and I decided to switch from Asia to South America. I will always love Asia but I was excited to learn a new language and have an excuse to gallivant around South America again. After a year of working with South America from our Seattle office Wildland gave me the OK to work remote for 3.5 months from South America. We bought tickets. Andy quit his job at Edgeworks. We stored all of our things in boxes. Finally, off we go!

We couldn’t be more excited so keep tabs on the blog and we’ll be good about updating it as we go. Promise.


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  1. Nancy Mazzoli · · Reply

    So excited for you both and really excited that you’re back to blogging! Also very jealous about the empanadas. which, in my opinion, are one of the great foods of the world. Enjoy!

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