Monthly Archives: July 2013

The derrumbe!

Socma to Sungate is what we thought we were going to do. In all reality we ended up hiking Pachar to Ollantaytambo which probably means nothing to all of you but should at least inform you that this is to be a blog post about adventure trekking. Not getting lost, adventure trekking.  Regardless, it was […]

Maya’s first trek!

The Lares hot springs are pretty well known around here. Lares is a remote community that happens to be blessed with bubbling thermal baths and ringed by glacier topped Andes. You can take a car straight there OR you can hike a number of treks to get there. I kept putting off going to Lares […]

La Huerta Albergue

It must stem (pun intended. wait for it…) from my upbringing but I love being in, on, and in all ways involved with farms. From the orchard in Harvard to Hutchins Farm in Concord to Bartlett’s on Nantucket to simply living and being near my green thumb friend TK, I seem to just keep falling […]


Rewarded with a beautiful view of Ollanta after a quick hike to the radio tower

Trials, tribulations & knitting

As you all know, I ended up with 2 kilos of yarn (about 10 balls) after the dye workshop. What was I, a non-knitter, to do with so much yarn? I could have sold i. I was sure to find some tourist meandering through Ollanta interested in buying naturally dyed all natural yarn. I could […]