Monthly Archives: June 2013

A&K in Peru: Machu Picchu

Well, after 5 months of living within walking distance of one of the seven wonders of the world, I finally bit the gold plated bullet and spent the money to go see it. And guess what? I found out I literally live within walking distance of Machu Picchu! Andy and I had big plans to […]

A&K in Peru: Climbing at Hatun Machay

Hatun Machay aka big cave in Quechua is a “mystical stone forest” full of sport climbing routes north of Huaraz. There are thousands of rock towers mostly made of granite that have been eroded by water, wind and glaciers as well as some made of volcanic tuff. Towers of this rock ranging from squat little […]

A&K in Peru: Adventures in Lima and Huaraz

After nearly 4 months of being away from South America Andy decided to come back for more. I’m honestly not sure if me being here had anything to do with the return trip… I flew to Lima to meet up with Andy and we spent one day in Lima before heading north to the mountain […]