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Ausangate: Meeting place of man and mountain gods

When I was in India we did a trek into the Himalayas that took us to the foot of the world’s 3rd tallest mountain: Kanchenjunga. A few days in we passed through a little village called Dzongri which had a weathered sign that stated simply in block letters, “Dzongri: Meeting place of man and mountain […]

Huchuy Qosqo, take II

Mieke, Joey and I had big plans to hike Ausangate this past week. We had stayed up late planning and baking and had all the warmest of our warm weather clothes nestled and packed tightly away in our bags. Then, the night before we were supposed to leave, I decided it might be a good […]

Quechua Community Visit kodak moment

Dye Workshop in Parabamba

As a volunteer at Awamaki, I’m expected to work a few hours a week in the fair trade shop here in Ollanta. Every time the shop’s empty or the internet stick is being extra grumpy I find myself staring dreamily at one specific wall of textiles we sell: the Sanco family wall. Daniel is our […]