Monthly Archives: March 2013

Moray Terraces

Last weekend a few of us got up early on a Saturday to head to the Moray Terraces. It took a combi, an overstuffed station wagon (8 of us in one with the poor bottom of the car dragging the entire way) and 10 soles to get us there but it really was a fascinating […]

A weekend in Cusco

Cusco: once the capital of the Incan Empire, today the foremost archaeological site in the Americas and the oldest continually inhabited city. It may be better known by most my age as the setting for the movie, “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” For those of us in Ollanta, Cusco is best known as a place to […]

Sun Gate

I know, I know, always the nature. I just love it so! And it’s so incredible here! You wake up, take a stretch, look out your window and there’s towering mountains of green with vivid red cliffs carved into their sides and traces of wispy clouds crawling slowly over their tops. And then, the literal […]