Monthly Archives: January 2013

Whirlwind tour of Bolivia

Crossing the bridge from La Quiaca (Argentina) to Villazon (Bolivia) is truly like stepping into another world. Everything is suddenly more chaotic, more colorful, and far cheaper. The city is absolutely throbbing with life. Women are dressed in vibrant swishy skirts and bowler hats and wield wheelbarrows full of steaming empanadas. Babies are bundled on […]


As I sit here in BA writing this blog Andy Davis is sitting on a plane headed back to Seattle, most likely somewhere over Brazil at this point. Triste. Our time together in Argentina may have come to an end but we did it big and we did it with style asĀ  a final salud […]

Bariloche and Climbing at the Frey

Andy and I have adopted a strategy for this trip that, to be completely honest, somewhat resembles binging. We spend a few weeks out in the wilderness subsisting off a diet of bird food (aka nuts, seeds & dried fruit) and cheesy tuna pasta and then return to civilization to gorge ourselves on whatever delicacy […]