After 19 hours and 56 minutes in the air I’ve finally arrived in Buenos Aires! So far the city has been quite the adventure and the people have been both welcoming and patient. I actually had a sprawling 2 hour long conversation while roaming the streets of BA with a man named Frederico (he’s a medical student who works at the hostel) that covered topics from where we’re both from to my knee and its current medical status to whether or not the 9/11 attacks were a conspiracy. He speaks almost no English and I, as you all well know, speak little to no Spanish. I left dazed, confused, slightly better informed about Frederico and with an arsenal of seemingly useless Spanish medical vocab.

I’ve already managed to find the botanical garden as well as the shopping district and was lucky enough to be in town for a futbol clasico match between 2 rival Argentine teams. I wasn’t really sure who to root for(and stay safe at the same time) so I just lurked at the bar and tried to stay neutral while enjoying the beautiful game for what it was.

The weather is truly lovely here, summery and hot with blue skies peeking out from amongst the skyscrapers. I’m off to go work on my Seattle pale and assault the poor citizens of BA with my ‘Spanish’ but we’ll be in touch!


Jardin Botanico


Jardin Botanico





  1. Fuck.Yeah. Can’t wait to read more of these!

  2. Hi Kelsey, Delighted to see your blog and follow your adventures. I love Latin America and could gladly spend my life there. Have fun in BA and stay out of the Villa neighborhood just east of the Recoleta Cemetery. Karin’s sister and her boyfriend were robbed at gunpoint there by a gang of adolescents! They lost cameras, iPods, money and bank cards but thank goodness their passports were at their hostel. One bad experience in six months of glorious trekking, so no need to be scared, just cautious. Have fun!!!
    Love Teddy

  3. Beautiful pictures! I’m glad you’re already enjoying the sunshine and locals. Keep your posts coming, we’ll want to read about your adventures! xoxo

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