Bariloche was one of our favorite stops from our adventures 5 years ago and the second time around did not disappoint.  There are not many cities that could lure us away from Seattle but this just might be one.  Great skiing, incredible climbing, beautiful volcanoes, world class fishing, the best beer scene we have encountered […]

‘Twas the morning before Cochamo and all though our house, Kelsey and I were stirring, much louder than a mouse. Coffee was brewed and we were properly fed While visions of granite danced in our head(s).   Weather sites were checked with incredible care, In hopes of a forecast thats awfully rare. Checking YR Weather […]

Climbing in Piedra Parada Time to head East…yet again.  As we crossed the border between Chile and Argentina for the 7th time we had our toughest test yet in the form of a stern border guard with a handlebar mustache.  He spent 30min looking over every word in our vehicles paperwork and inspected our car […]

After the long, bouncy, dusty, but incredibly beautiful Carretera Austral we were ready to kick back and relax for a bit doing some water related things.  What better way to start doing that than a lodge with hot springs on the sea?  Puyuhuapi Lodge is accessible only by boat and surrounded by rivers, waterfalls, fjords, […]

You can really only trust the weather forecast 3-4 days in advance in Patagonia. We spent much time staring longingly at various sites such as NOAA, YR, Mountain Forecast, meteoblue, and Wind Guru.  Whichever one gave us the most promising forecast was our favorite but YR and Meteoblue were what we referred to most often. […]

After climbing Medialuna we returned to Calafate so I wouldn’t go insane trying to work remote using the internet in Chalten. By this time, Andy and I are getting to be Calafate experts.We know the cool beer haunts, we have favorite empanada joints, we know where all the bad potholes are lurking and trying to […]

Taking our climbing gear for a long walk.  While we have been down in Chalten there have been some small windows of good weather or “ventanas” but not enough to thaw the ice and allow enough time to get on bigger rock objectives.  Though primed and ready to get after the climbs of dreams we […]